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To: Whom it may concern

From: Briar Creek Mobile Home Community II, Inc.

Briar Creek each lot and unit are individually owned and deeded.

 The Board of Directors requires all prospective purchasers or lessee  to complete or provide
      Application for Purchase / Lease
      Tenant Information Form (A fee is required to process - $20 Per Person FL, $30 Per Person Out of State, $50 Canadian)
      Notarized 55+ Certification & Receipt of Documents Form
4.      Signed Confirmation of Interview
5.      Notarized Certificate of Approval (Sales Only)
6.     Copy of Sales or Lease Contract
7.     Resident's who have previously resided in Briar Creek need not complete all of the documents, merely advise the year of previous residency and we can research our records. 
8.     These completed forms must then be delivered to Progressive Management
4151 Woodlands Parkway Palm Harbor, FL  34685 727-773-9542 727-773-8740 (Fax) who will process
         and contact a Director withthe completed documents.

The Association members requires a member of the Board of Directors to review and process these documents and a Director will then meet with the prospective purchasers or lessee prior to the closing or occupancy by the lessee.

Federal, State and Association documents require the 55+ Certification document and the Acknowledgement of receipt of Association Documents be signed prior to the Board of Directors issuing a letter of approval.

The documents above must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the scheduling of the interview by a director.
Item 3 and 4 above can be completed at the interview. If an interview can not be scheduled prior to closing / occupancy the President can authorize the interview to be scheduled after closing / occupancy however all documents noted above must be completed and received prior to the letter of approval being signed by a representative of the Board of Directors. All current Association documents (By-laws, Restrictions, Corporate, Declarations) should be delivered by the owner or owner representative. They are also available on the "By-Laws" tab. Article of Corporation and By-Laws are rules governing the Association Corporation, Restrictions and Declarations are related to the commonly referred to as "deed restrictions" governing the use and restrictions related to common area, home unit. lots and grounds.

Individual Documents and Forms Below.
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