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Briar Creek Social Club Community #1, Inc.

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Executive Committee
President - Dave Doran
President-Elect - Joe Daley
Past President - Georgia Douglas
Vice President - Joe Daley
Corresponding Secretary - Elsie Anderson
Recording Secretary - Pauline Hoad
Treasurer - Gene arend
Assistant Treasurer - Roy Martin

Meeting Minutes                                                                  

                as of February 2019 


Entertainment Chairperson
Mary Kay Brown

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March 15th
St Patrick Dinner & Dance

April 5th
Annual Picnic
Both Worlds

April 19th
Snowbird Sendoff
Johnny Charro Band



May 3rd
Mathers Day Tea

July 4th

October 31st
Halloween Party



November 11th
Veteran Celebration

Movember 26th
Thankgiving Dinner

December 12th
Winter Dance



December 31st
New Years Eve Party

February 14th Saturday  
Valentine Dance  

Appreciation Night



March 17th
St Patrich Dinner & Dance

April 4th
Annual Picnic